Are you an Auto Dealer or Tire Dealer considering an investment in a nitrogen system? Do you wonder how it will benefit you and your customers? Have you recently begun providing nitrogen to your customers?

If so, the Get Nitrogen Institute Back Pages have the answers, combining all the research you need to make a wise investment and help grow your business while bringing the most benefit to your customers. For only $19.95 you get 30 days of unlimited downloads from the Back Pages. Some of the documents you’ll be able to download include:

Science - Nitrogen Basics, How Nitrogen Systems Work, Optimal Purity Levels, How Nitrogen Helps Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems
  Return on Investment - Simple and Advanced ROI Calculators, Average Price Points, The Benefits of Various Inflation Methods
  Unit Selection and Purchase - Air Audit Questionnaire, Tires per Hour vs CFM, Nitrogen System Selection Tools
  Marketing - How to Help Your Customers and Make Money, The Best Valve Caps for Your Customers, GNI Marketing Tools, Raising Community Awareness
  Training and Rollout - Training Your Staff, Sales and Management Training


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